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Nayana was born and raised in India where she initially pursued a career in software engineering before relocating to Limerick, Ireland, in 2008. Since then, she has been interested in watercolours exploring her artistic inclinations towards nature, as it inspires her the most.

Her interest and understanding of botanical art grew through her first solo exhibition at the University of Limerick in 2012, which was basically themed on flowers. She chooses her subject on inspiration and loves to show its beauty and its imperfections. Her objective is to present illustrations as realistically and as accurately as possible. She often enjoys the freedom of combining the conventional ways and her interpretations, giving it both traditional and modern outlook at the same time. She finds it meaningful when people associate their memories and feelings to her work making it more than just a painting. 

Her artistic process involves creating multiple sketches exploring compositions that resonate with her while ensuring a deep understanding of her subject. From there, she delves into detailed drawing and painting on watercolour paper. She employs layering, glazing and dry brushing techniques to breathe life into her paintings.

In 2024, she graduated with distinction in Botanical Art and Illustration diploma course with the Society of Botanical Artists (SBA). She is a member of The Watercolor Society of Ireland, The Irish Society of a Botanical Artists, and The Limerick Art Society. She has been a regular participant in various annual exhibitions held in the country and abroad, worked on commissions and has offered demonstrations. She has contributed to the books published by ISBA(The Irish Society of Botanical Artists) through illustrations. 

Notably, she received the Dr. Pat McCabe Award at the Watercolour Society of Ireland’s annual exhibition in 2022 and has earned several medals, including a gold medal at Bloom Botanical and Floral exhibition in Dublin.


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