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Artists Statement

Infusing moments into being with a pure melody of light and colour

“I Create Original Pieces of Artwork that are Inspirations to Enjoy, Live & Dream.’’

” Perhaps it’s a flicker of sunlight across a room or the intense sparkly blue of the ocean and I’m caught. Captivated in that moment, immersed & wrapped in its atmosphere.

It’s about the beauty I see in the essence of a that moment, contemplating the story to be told. In essence, I love to paint.”

My work is a celebration of the spirit and warmth of life & the beauty of the natural world we share. I hope to reflect this spirit in my paintings.

‘Creating has always been my centre it captures me completely. Focusing my being entirely on a concept, moulding line and colour or shape and form into being.’

I am always watching out to catch a fleeting glimpse of subjects to paint. Through the tumble of life, stopping to look at interesting things I see. Pausing to take photos & make notes. Whether it’s studying the shape of a wind sculpted tree, or the puffiness of clouds floating by, or, people rushing in out of rain soaked streets…..


An Irish visual artist, based in Co. Kildare. A painter at heart, Nina loves to paint sunlight & colour in fine flowing inks & watercolours, full bodied liquid acrylics and heavy textured oils. She is happy working in any medium that suits her subject best. 

Nina has always been interested in art. As a child she would colour on just about anything. Following her passion, she studied with contemporary artists in NCAD & on location but is largely a self-taught artist. Exploring other craft areas including ceramics, glass fusing, print making etc before coming back to painting.

Teaching & painting professionally for many years. Nina, at the age of twenty was the youngest ever elected member of the WSI and is a member of the Visual Artists Association, Visual Artists of Ireland, Kildare Craft Cluster, DCCI, Dublin Painting & Sketching Club, Original Kildare, Kildare Women in business and others.

She has had work accepted for the Royal Hibernian Academy & the Royal Ulster Academy exhibitions and won awards. Her work is to be found in the National Library & Limerick University permanent collections, as well as many corporate and private collections.

Nina has developed her own recipe for full bodied liquid pouring acrylics. Stretching the boundaries of this paint medium to give the paint a unique consistency similar to honey. Before commencing each artwork’s colours & tones are individually mixed & stored in glass jars. Paint is then poured & dribbled onto sections of the canvas controlling the flow, sculpting the paint into form using wooden sticks & skewers. After a few days drying another layer can be poured.  Working in poured acrylic gives my work a free-flowing clam softness, with unique, interesting textures and runs that are not achievable with any other medium.

Currently exhibiting in The Doorway Gallery Dublin, The Kenny Gallery Galway, The Kilkenny Art Gallery, The Kildare Gallery and elsewhere. She takes part in juried, group and other gallery exhibitions as opportunities arise.


Nina has just launched a Fine Art Print & card collection & is looking forward to exhibiting at Artsource in the Autumn. 

Teaching ongoing classes, workshops (indoor & En Plein Air), Nina, is looking forward to hosting luxury painting holiday retreats.

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