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Julie Ann

Julie Ann


Julie Ann Haines was born in Belfast and studied Fine Art Painting at Manchester and Norwich Schools of Art. She completed a Post Graduate in Education at the Institute in London and taught art is secondary schools and museums there for several years alongside continuing her own work.


She first encountered Russian icon painting on an art school trip to Moscow and St Petersburg in the late 80's and strong central motifs have featured in her compositions ever since. Parts of the built environment that inspire her work tend to be quiet, isolated, old and still and the most modest of structures often end up taking centre stage. "I can be aware of a subject matter for years, in some cases passing it daily before finally it presents itself in a format which I want to paint. I am attracted initially by colour and light falling on a subject but am always captivated by an overwhelming sense of presence and stillness in the places I choose to depict." 

Julie Ann originally trained as a painter and first developed a serious interest in printmaking when she moved to Dublin and started making multi plate colour etchings at the Graphic Studio Dublin. She became a full time member of that studio and etchings now comprise her main body of work.  

Her work is in the collections of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, National Gallery of Ireland, National Library of Ireland, the British Library and the University of Limerick

Julie Ann
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