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Emsden West

As an artist, I create what I see in the way I see it.

Depending on my state of mind at the time, my work can be tight and

realistic or very loose and vibrant.

I have no interest in creating “the perfect image” with the “perfectly

matched colours”. I pick up my colours from my palette instinctively, it’s

more of a natural process than a meticulously planned military

manoeuvre. Interestingly though, the end product may seem that way


As I am constantly searching for the comforts of home, I find beauty in the

old broken chipped cup that has been left on the shelf that nobody wants

to drink from or the silent objects in our homes that survive in the dark

edges and corners of our lives. I find beauty in what’s been left behind, in

what has been discarded once its utility is finished

In creating my works, I hope the viewer recognises and is comforted by

the ordinariness of nostalgia, that there might be some kind of spark in

one of the cupboards of their minds which my paintings arouse and that it

brings them comfort and good memories.

Initially it can look as if my work has not changed over the years, but this

couldn’t be further from the truth. As my lived experiences have

transformed me, so my subject matter and my methodology has too. I am

constantly learning to “loosen up “and it gives me such pleasure when I

do so. I still endeavour to keep control of some part of my creative

journey, but more and more the process of arriving at an accurate

perception and representation of the bric-a-brac of ordinary, domestic life

continues to fascinate and challenge me

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