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Angel Bruton has been painting for the past twenty years and in that time has developed her own unique style.

A qualified architect and interior designer, her first love has always been painting, particularly in the medium of of watercolour and encompassing a wide and varied range of subject material.

A purist by inclination Angel loves the fluidity and unexpectedness of the water and the paint coming together on the paper. She delights in using colour creatively and capturing dramatic effects of light and shade. The spontaneity of the moment is all important and she endeavours to keep that freshness alive throughout the painting.She has studied with international artists such as Michael Chaplain, Trevor Waugh and Karlyn Holman and also with local artists, Bryan Byrnes, Susan Webb, Olivia Hayes and Vincent Lamb. Angel’s invitation to paint for the Channel 4 programme is further testament to her expertise in her field.

She is a member of the Watercolour Society of Ireland, The Dublin Painting and Sketching Club and the Dublin Art Society.

She was winner of the K&M Evans Award at the 2010 Watercolour Society exhibition.

She exhibits regularly in Tuckmill Gallery, Naas, and also exhibits in Knox Hall Monkstown, Dyehouse Gallery Waterford, The Mall Galleries London and Heritage Centre, Dalkey.

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