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Lynda lives and work in County Wicklow, Ireland. Having a love of outdoors, being immersed in nature has been part of her life since childhood, family walks, making nature

tables and playing outside. As an artist, she is drawn to places, returning to the familiar ones and searching out new places to explore, chasing light and spaces that have atmosphere and just that something that stops you in your tracks. Returning home with her pockets full of bits and pieces, from acorns to sea glass and found insects. Walking the dog with a sketchbook under her arm, hoping for a fleeting glimpse of that otter, gazing out the window at the birds in her garden. From the weathered atmosphere of a place to the minute textured detail of a bird's feather, Lynda is continually drawn to and inspired by nature.


She paints in both watercolours and oils, and through her work constantly seeks new ways to capture the essence of a place, or a piece of found nature. Whether it’s through the mark making, the texture of paint, colours reflecting found materials, or a particular medium chosen to work onto, each piece evokes the mood and atmosphere of the subject.

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