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2020 Sunday Times Watercolour Competition Shortlist

2019 WCSI President’s Award and the Dr Pat Mc Cabe Perpetual Cup


The starting point for Michelle Boyle’s work is the substance and the process of paint. Described as a ‘painters painter’ she works intuitively with little pre-drawing using the brush as both painting and drawing tool.

Painting for Boyle is the most personal of art forms akin in intimacy and immediacy to letter writing . Through it she explores her surroundings and memories making paintings that present the universal in the particular.


She is presently working on a series ‘ The Big River Paintings’ cataloging her travels by foot and canoe in the lakes and forests around Virginia Cavan where she has her studios.


Collections : UNESCO Paris, The Next Generation Self Portrait Collection London, The Irish State Collection, Microsoft International, The Drawing Institute Italy, The Irish Banking Federation, Limerick University, Price Waterhouse, Tartu Print And Paper Museum Estonia and many private collections.


Education – MA Landscape Archaeology/ Architecture and BA Cultural Anthropology

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