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Nina Patterson

I work mostly in watercolours because I love this medium. I feel watercolours catch the light and mood, there is no second chances and no scrubbing or rubbing. I like the clarity and crispness of the pigments in watercolour allowing the light of the paper creep through (when all goes according to plan!). Watching other watercolour artists work is a real treat for me, though absorbing, I always love to see how varied everyone's use of the medium is. As for learning about watercolours, it's never ending.


My favourite piece in this body of work is, ''Moored, Roundstone Harbour''. I was lucky enough to see this boat moored one idyllic evening in Roundstone. It was a calm evening when all seemed hushed, even the seagulls. I hoped to catch the striking tranquillity of the scene and hope you enjoy looking at this piece as much as I enjoyed the peacefulness of the moment and executing the piece itself." 


Nina was born in Dublin and comes from an enterprising family. Painting from an early age, Nina studied under contemporary artists and craft workers but is largely a self taught artist.

Nina has been painting professionally full time for seven years, exhibiting for the first time in the Solomon Gallery's Christmas exhibition 1989, where her work was received very well. Since then, Nina has been building a reputation exhibiting in galleries throughout the country, building a reputation.

In 1998 Nina set up her own studio, "Artworks Studio", Celbridge, Co. Kildare where she now teaches and works from.

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