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Kasper Zier

Kasper Zier is an award winning watercolour artist living and working in Dublin. He is largely self-taught but has over recent years attended various workshops with master painters such as Chien Chun Wei, Marc Folly and Stan Miller.


Kasper works both from his studio but also enjoys plein air painting. He has won several awards for his outdoor paintings. His painting style has a fresh and spontaneous feel to it. Rather than painting every detail he looks out for interesting shapes in his subjects and translates these into pure visual language.


Kasper enjoys painting a varied amount of subjects such as street scenes, interior scenes and landscapes - capturing the play of light on buildings and streets using clear colour and a superb balance of free expressive brushstrokes and ‘lost and found’ edges. The end results of this techniques, and his personal touch, leads to unique paintings full of atmosphere and character.

Kasper Zair4.jpg
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