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Joan Gleeson

Born in the West of Ireland, Co Mayo, Joan has always been fascinated by nature and the impact of the elements on natural phenomena. Now living in, the coastal region of Dublin Howth and Dollymount provides an ever-renewing source of inspiration and investigation against the backdrop of an ever-changing city. Water, sands, stones, vegetation are all a source of fascination and form part of an investigative journey, ever renewing itself.

Educated originally in the West of Ireland she studied in the National College of Art and Design 1968 – 1976 and University College Dublin 1970 – 1973. She joined The Black Church Printing Studio in 1993. For more information on Black Church Studios visit

She specializes in etching. Sometimes combining a variety of techniques e.g. carborundum, embossed paper, chiné colleé and photo etch, and gold leaf, to convey a sense of unfolding possibilities within an image.

Working in the Black Church Print Studio from 1993 she has exhibited nationally and internationally.

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