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Ann Gilleece

The early inspiration for my work came directly from my involvement in the performing arts, as a professional orchestral musician. The image of that first print was of a cellist, sitting behind his instrument. Other influences on my work include Italian landscapes, the Italian Renaissance (commedia dell'arte, artists, architecture) and famous women from the past. I use a variety of techniques in my work, but my favourites are sugarlift and aquatint. The starting point for many of my prints is a drawing or a photograph. After that, the medium often dictates over any technical choices I make. Printmaking represents my secret garden, that place where I can find my inner self.


Born in Cork, Ann Gilleece studied viola at Royal College of Music London and Folkhochschule fur Musik, Mannheim, Germany. She has worked as a professional musician in Ireland, Italy and Germany. With an MA in Italian from University College Dublin, Ann took up print-making in 2002 and became a member of Black Church Print Studio in 2012. The inspiration for her prints comes from Italian landscapes and Italian opera.

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