Michelle Boyle

Michelle Boyle explores story and memory through paint. She brings a sensitivity of approach to people and their narratives. Her paintings may simply depict a single every-day object such as a chair or a pair of shoes-  ‘a last biography’ as the artist describes ‘ which can hold the story of a life.’

Where there is presence in her work there is also absence. The empty spaces are a holding place – linking to her own unfinished narrative. Michelle grew up as a mixed race adopted child in the 1970’s on Dublin’s Northside within the constraints of a mono cultural society with little ethnic diversity. This early experience lead to an academic background in Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology and on to extensive travel to experience first-hand new ways of understanding people and their worlds.


This is where I belong. This exact spot

She is presently developing a body of work for exhibition in 2017/18 in Ireland and India titled ‘In my Father’s House there are many rooms’ inspired by her mixed race inheritance and Irish cultural identity. In 2016 she was awarded a Carpe Diem Residency to Kerala as part of this process.

Michelle is involved in cross cultural forums on art as a shared language and in 2014 represented Ireland at UNESCO with 30 international artists addressing themes of human migration and displacement. Her work was subsequently shown in the UN HQ in Paris (2015) and New York (2016)

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