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Kate Bedell

I am an Irish Artist and have been painting in Watercolours for over 30 years. I love to work in a loose impressionist style and add details with splashes of colour.

My watercolour box comes with me everywhere I go, and I sketch 'en plein air' when the weather is good. The scenes I paint are loose and atmospheric. I sometimes frame these just the way they are, but usually I do more careful finished pieces back in my studio.

I have exhibited in the Royal Hibernian Academy Summer Show in Ireland and the Mall Galleries in London as part of the exhibiting contestants for the Channel 4 Programme, “Watercolour Challenge".

In 2000 I moved to India with my family for 7 years, painting a series of exhibitions of Indian Women and held several solo shows, as well as teaching in two international schools. I sorely missed the soft Irish landscapes, but took the opportunity to paint the intense colours of India through depicting its lovely sari-clad women. This in itself led to an explosion of colour, texture and pattern in my work which resulted in some unique still life paintings. You can see these over on my website Tapestry of Dreams

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